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Gray Panties

I did a big pile of shit in my beautiful translucent gray panties, knead the shit through my panties a little and show it to you.

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Anna Coprofield – Santa Anna comes to Bad Boys only

Ho-Ho-Ho! I have not been here for a long time and I don’t know if I will return here, but… how can I leave my bad boys without a gift from Santa Anna under the Christmas tree? You waited for Santa Anna and left the treats on the Christmas tree? Mmm it’s very cute, I use this caramel and then my

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Shit and Blood Vol.8 Speculum

Ooh, my menstrual cup is full of blood like my ass is full of shit. I wear rubber gloves because I like to touch myself in them. I take out the menstrual cup (I will use this blood later), fucking my pussy with a dildo, piss and shit a lot. It’s time for speculum! I show you my cervix for a long

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My Diaper

I’m relaxed and barefoot. I gently rub my pussy through a diaper, shit and piss then slowly rub my clit again. It is very nice to feel hot shit on my pussy so I cum sweetly. Oh, that diaper is beautiful inside and out.

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AnnaCoprofield – Shitty hair, shitty tits

I would have a new Script for you, maybe you want to do this. It is a little bit like my other script. You start sitting in front to the camera only with a bra on. You start spitting in both of the cups. Now you could eat some yoghourt or chew a banana and spit it in the cup and play with your