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Scat Ice cream

Faby is a loser, she should by 3 ice creams with the money that she received… but where are the ice creams She returns without the ice creams and without the money too =/. She deserves to pay, and will be very expensive. Cindy and Fernanda Fire have a surprise to Faby, scat ice cream. The stupid

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You eat too much!

Iris and Josie just got out of a dinner, but Iris ate a lot more than she could handle and now she’s having a hard time! She is suffering with a strong belly ache, and her friend, instead of helping, makes fun of her face. While Iris is in pain, Josie laughs out loud and makes jokes about the

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Juicy Julia – Piss, Shit, Olive Oil and Golf Balls!

In this clip Slave Julia is on the spanking bench to receive a punishment enema, a special olive oil and golf ball enema. This gets really messy and take a hilarious turn when one of the golf balls gets stuck in her ass and I have to go in after it. Don’t worry, gravity and a large meal forced it