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Shit Eater 7 of June 2018

Crazy hair do and eating my shit. I have a little bit of period in my pad too, but I am more interested in what is coming out of my ass. I lay a turd on the toilet seat and play with it, stuffing some of it back into my ass hole. Soon my mouth is decorated with my brown poop and I suck and lick my

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Queensect – Red Brown Panties

Scatplay is my childhood fantasy. While wanking as a teenage girl, I used to imagine that I am tied naked inside that wooden outdoor countryside style toilets and both boys and girls poo and pee on me. Really. I was that fucked up as a kid already…

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Through the Speculum Filled Pussy Full 3 of July 2018

1 hour video specially for those who love a filled pussy and watch my holes from the inside… The video is divided into 2 parts, Full compressed version is also available. I put on rubber gloves and take off my panties. Fuck my pussy with my fingers a little to make my hole wet and insert speculum.

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Peteuse – Dirty Talk Shit on the Floor

Do you like a little light dirty talk while you watch me shit? It was fun to call you a little sick pervert for jacking off while I drop a big poop on the floor :O) I show you my sexy little ass first, then turn around and spread my ass open and let out a sexy coiled shit that hurt! All the while